Controlling the hardness of ice cream, gelato and similar frozen desserts

Michael Mullan, an independent food and beverages professional, discusses how to control the hardness of ice cream and gelato.

It’s a kind of magic - Gaining time in food microbiology by the use of MALDI-ToF

Maria Karczmarczyk of Eurofins desrcibes MALDI-ToF diagnostic microbiology method.


The potential of blockchain

Blockchain technology has the potential to transform the food industry and herald a food safety and anti-fraud revolution.

Staying on the safe side

Richard Bradford- Knox of RBK Consultants and Simon Neighbour, Environmental Health Manager, Preston City Council, investigate the risk management of food safety and suggest how we can do better.

The risk of food recalls

Ian Harrison of Lockton examines the causes and implications of rising food recalls in recent years.

All change for food regulation

Michael Jackson, Head of Regulatory Standards and Assurance for the FSA’s Regulating Our Future Programme, explains the thinking behind the new programme and how it will operate.

Modelling food quality

Petros Taoukis of the National Technical University of Athens and Maria Giannakourou of the Technological Educational Institute of Athens review current approaches to food quality modelling and pr

Algae whet the appetite

Mariliis Holm of Nonfood describes the development of a nutrition bar from algal sources that contains more than a quarter of daily protein requirement.

Changing the way the Earth looks from space

Chris Davis of US-based Impossible Foods describes how the company developed a burger that tastes like meat but is made entirely from plants.

New ingredients for fishmeal

James Wright of the Global Aquaculture Alliance explains how the aquaculture industry is beginning to address the fishmeal feed bottleneck with microalgae, insects and single-cell organisms.


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