Bread winner

Wayne Martindale, Mark Swainson, Tom Hollands and Richard Marshall discuss the need to combine healthy choices with reducing carbon footprint in the convenience foods sector.


Obesity: the challenge for the food industry

Tim Lobstein, Policy Director for the World Obesity Federation, looks at the increasing trends to regulate the food market.


Mind the Gap - Food Regulation

Mind the gap

John Points, Michael Walker and Natasha Medhurst review the highlights of a joint meeting organised by IFST, Acumentia and VitalSix in Reading on 15 May 2018 on the regulatory implications of the

Brexit challenges

Brexit must maintain agri-food trade

NFU Deputy President Guy Smith explains why a free trade area for agri-food products between the EU and the UK is vital for the farming sector.

Brexit challenges for Northern Ireland

Brexit challenges for Northern Ireland

Michael Bell, Executive Director of the Northern Ireland Food & Drink Association, discusses the challenges ahead in delivering ‘frictionless’ trade across the border between Northern Ireland

Male looking at microscope

Risk is central to the FSA’s future regulatory approach

New research has identified that food safety is not a high risk priority for many drink company Boards.

big data

How can technology bring the supply chain of tomorrow to the food industry of today?

Bjorn Thumas, Business Development Director, TOMRA Food explores how technological innovations can change businesses throughout the supply chain.

Food Authenticity Network

Selvarani Elahi, Steve Ellison, Mark Woolfe and Felicia Golden provide an update on the growth of the Food Authenticity Network, a virtual network that brings together information on food authenti

Food inspection technology

Ruth Wright and Jack Severs of Gill, Jennings and Every investigate the rise of in-line food inspection technologies to reduce contamination risks and avoid product recalls and brand damage.

Rethinking water use

Simon Emms of Veolia Water Technologies explains the benefits of reducing reliance on mains water for food and beverage manufacturers.


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