Recycling plastic

Recycling plans for plastic

Lisa Foster, Sustainable Packaging Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners, discusses the company’s approach to sustainable packaging and the future of plastics in packagin

Brexit and country of origin food labelling

Professor Iain Fraser of the University of Kent considers the impact of country of origin labelling on UK farming and food production post Brexit.

Brexit - border delays

Border delays could cause congestion


PEF Assisted Novel Applications for Potato Processing

Mark de Boevere, Managing Director at Pulsemaster, explains how Pulsed Electric Field Technology (PEF) can be used for potato processing. 

public engagement for busy researchers

Public engagement for busy researchers

Caroline Wood, PhD student at the University of Sheffield, draws on her personal experiences of public engagement to describe the key benefits and different approaches to make it less burdensome f

Hygienic engineering design

Debra Smith describes the aims and activities of the European Hygienic Engineering & Design Group (EHEDG) and explains its links with IFST.

food risk management

Evolving risk management systems


Listeriosis outbreak has tragic consequences

The South African 2017-18 human listeriosis outbreak is the deadliest in recorded history, tragically resulting in over 200 deaths with hundreds more made seriously ill.


Fighting antimicrobial resistance

J Andrew Hudson of Jorvik Food and Environmental Microbiology summarises a review paper, published in 2017 in Trends in Food Science and Technology, which examines the development of antimicrobial

microplastic in seafood

Microplastics in seafood

Ivan Bartolo and William Lart explore the uptake of microplastics by fish, crustaceans and shell fish and consider the implications of this for the environment and human health.


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