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Andy Gray, Training Manager at Proseal UK, a manufacturer of tray sealing solutions for the food industry, discusses Proseal’s state-of-the art apprenticeship scheme and the benefits it provides for both the company and the young participants.

Whether or not the Government sticks to its previously announced target of creating three million apprenticeships by 2020, most would agree that apprentice schemes are vital to the future of British industry and creating the next generation of engineers and technicians.

IFST Education and Careers Forum

Andrew Gardner reports on IFST’s first Education & Careers Forum held at Food Matters Live in November 2018.


Pesticides in agriculture

In the second of a two-part article (part one was published in the December issue of FS&T), Ralph Early describes the control of fungal, nematode and

plant factories of the future

Plant factories of the future

Paul Challinor of Jones Food Company describes a new high-care, multi-layer, hydroponic plant production facility in the UK.

palm oil

The case for sustainable palm oil

Palm oil has been associated with deforestation, unsustainable practices and violation of workers’ rights.

nurturing natural capital

Nurturing natural capital

Joseph Harris-Confino of the Natural Capital Coalition and Dustin M.

Nudge IT

Nudge, nudge, eat, drink...

Gareth Leng and John Menzies of the University of Edinburgh explain how a large multinational, multidisciplinary research project (Nudge-


New direction for NPD

Wayne Martindale, Tom Hollands and Mark Swainson discuss recent advances in new produc

how to measure and cultivate safe behaviour in a food business.

Courage over comfort

Dr Lone Jespersen discusses how to measure and cultivate safe behaviour in a food business.

The following facts are well known:

food safety training

Training in food safety culture

Bertrand Emond, Head of Membership & Training at Campden BRI, explains how companies can achieve excellence in food safety culture training programmes.


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