healthy eating at work

Working on healthy choices

Employees consume about a third of their daily energy intake at work and this can have a significant influence on overall diet and long-term health.

Nutrition, epigenetics and health

Nutrition, epigenetics and health

John C. Mathers of Newcastle University explains how gene expression is regulated in the body and discusses how diet may induce heritable changes to the genome.

sustainable aquaculture

Sustainable Aquaculture Futures

Lisa Bickley and Nicola Rogers introduce the new Centre for Sustainable Aquaculture Futures (SAF), which is a collaboration between the U

EU aquaculture

New species for EU aquaculture

Constantinos C Mylonas, Rocio Robles, Gemma Tacken, Marija Banovic, Athanasios 

Boosting biodiversity

Bivalves boost biodiversity

Emma V.

Future relations - Brexit

Future relations

Mella Frewen, FoodDrinkEurope Director General, identifies the ingredients of a beneficial trading relationship between the UK and the EU post-Brexit.

Food Brexit dilemmas

Food Brexit dilemmas

Effluent treatment plants

Effluent treatment - A boardroom issue

Rich Matthews explains why boards should understand more about effluent treatment in terms of business compliance and risk.

GDPR compliance

Is your firm taking GDPR as seriously as food safety?

Philip Allott, Managing Director at Allott and Associates Ltd, explores why food and drink businesses need to pay as much attention to data protection as food safety.

The New York Bagel: a myth or reality

The New York Bagel: A myth or reality

Bagels seem to have become synonymous with New York with several food writers hypothesising about what makes this bread special.


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