Nutrition for special groups

Novel foods for elderly consumers

Lotte van der Zanden of Wageningen University in the Netherlands sheds light on the needs and wants of elderly consumers and looks at how novel, enriched foods might be targeted at the elderly.

The ageing palate

Assistant Professor Elisabet Rothenberg and Professor Karin Wendin of Kristianstad University in Sweden investigate the changing demands of food and nutrition with ageing.

Tasty and healthy gluten-free bakery products and pasta

Jürgen Bez outlines the EC ‘GlutenFree’ project, which aims to help SMEs produce gluten-free products with improved consumer acceptance

Development of a Ready-to-Eat product suitable for followers of a FODMAP diet

Emma L. Smith reports on the concept development of a RTE product suitable for consumers with specific health needs

Food, nutrition and healthy ageing

John C. Mathers discusses the biology of the ageing process, the rising prevalence of obesity amongst the elderly, and the need to develop nutritional interventions which promote healthy ageing

IFST’s Food Law Group column - What is the current regulatory status of dietetic foods?

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