FSA publishes a new research revealing variations in nutritional content and portion sizes of scones in Northern Ireland

New research on the variations in nutritional content and portion sizes of scones in Northern Ireland

The Food Standards Agency[1] has published the findings of its latest research which reveals that scones produced in Northern Ireland can be in the region of 750 calories and contain the equivalent to ten sugar cubes.

Find your balance - BNF

British Nutrition Foundation launches a handy guide to get portion wise

The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has launched a practical guide to portion sizes entitled ‘Find Your Balance’ which aims to help people understand not just which foods to eat, but how often and in what quantities, in order to maintain a healthy weight and have a balanced diet.

The guide uses simple hand and spoon measurements to help us estimate appropriate portions, when cooking and serving food. It is designed to complement the Government’s Eatwell Guide, which provides guidance on the proportions of the main food groups that make up a healthy diet.

Improving nutritional behaviour

Charlotte Evans, Lecturer in Nutritional Epidemiology at Leeds University, reviews the latest developments in policies and interventions to improve nutritional behaviour in the UK.

World Food Day observed in 150 countries

Better food systems are required in order to defeat hunger and malnutrition around the globe.

Frozen versus fresh produce

Two independent studies investigating the nutritional content of the most commonly bought supermarket produce, fresh and frozen

Putting malnutrition under the spotlight

The UK is in dire need of a national strategy to tackle malnutrition, which is at least as big a problem to public health and the public purse as obesity, according to Dr Elizabeth Weekes.

Snack facts

Andrew Curtis gives an overview of some the key developments within the savoury snacks sector, especially in relation to health and nutrition over the last decade

The 2012 IFST Lecture

Dr Susan Jebb OBE, gave the 2012 annual IFST lecture on ‘Food for a fitter future - consumer choice or industry responsibility?’ at The Royal Society of Medicine in London on Thursday 15 November. 

Businesses pledge for more fruit and veg

Today, the Department of Health (DoH) announced that businesses across Britain will add more fruit and veg to ready meals and expand supermarket fresh produce sections to encourage consumers to reach the 5-a-day goal.

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