Genetic modification

Designer crops

Antony Evans, CEO of TAXA, describes the latest developments in plant genetic engineering that radically simplify the potential to create and test new genetic constructs with useful properties, such as plants with enhanced flavour or increased levels of vitamins.

Coexistence of GM and non-GM products possible

Freedom of choice between genetically modified (GM) and non-GM products is a central goal of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

GM crops help fight hunger

In the light of new European legislation, Sterling Crew, Head of Technical at Kolak Snack Foods, reviews the essential role of GM crops in safeguarding the security of our food supply, protecting the environment and improving our quality of life.

Consumers undecided about GM foods

As the dialogue to help deepen public understanding of the issues surrounding GM continues, Jon Woolven and Hannah Arnold of the IGD describe recent consumer research on attitudes to GM foods and provide guidance on communicating new food technologies to consumers.

Food Law Column: Honey – natural product or GM accident

The contribution of agrobiotechnology honoured

This year’s World Food Prize has been awarded to Dr Marc Van Montagu of Belgium, and Dr Mary-Dell Chilton and Dr Robert T. Fraley of the United States for their independent, individual breakthrough achievements in founding, developing, and applying modern agricultural biotechnology.

Safety of GM crops reviewed

Researchers from Italy have analysed 1,783 scientific studies undertaken over the last 10 years on the safety and environmental impacts of GM foods

Monsato withdrawls GM from Europe

Biotech company Monsato will no longer be pursuing approvals for cultivation of new biotech crops in Europe.

Defra approves Rothamsted GM wheat trial extension

Defra has approved an extension to Rothamsted Research's GM wheat trials to this autumn

GM issues - back to the future: consumer attitudes

The Food Standards Agency has published the findings of research looking at consumer attitudes to the labelling of genetically-modified (GM) food and the use of ‘GM-free’ labelling.


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