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Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing - Production, Processing and Technology

This book intends to ‘provide insight into the most promising Emerging Technologies in Meat Processing and provide comprehensive coverage of novel processing, packaging and assessment methods for meat and meat products.’

It is aimed at academic, industrial, nutrition and health professionals. The book consists of a number of published papers in three sections: novel processing techniques; novel packaging and meat functionality; and assessment techniques for meat quality and safety.

Bakery Products Science and Technology 2nd Edition

This second edition of Bakery Products Science and Technology was published in August 2014 and is an editorially compiled volume comprising seven parts. It is well presented and suited to a wide audience of bakery technologists/ scientists working in the food industry or studying courses at colleges or universities. The volume gives a broad coverage whilst containing a pertinent level of practical raw material and processing detail. It is a book that will be useful to have on hand as a reference guide.

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