DietQuest Spectrophotometers

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Monday, June 13, 2016 - 16:15

The versatile multilingual Cecil Instruments spectrophotometers are pre-programmed for use in regulatory food and beverage UV/Visible spectrophotometer assay determinations.  Helping to provide for fast, convenient, easy and reliable measurements.

Typical pre-programmed measurements include those for the determination of glucose and fructose in preserves, nitrate in baby foods, colours of beers, wine, egg yolk and sugars, and histamine in seafood.

These versatile spectrophotometers may be used for other additional laboratory applications and may be operated in a choice of six languages.

Instant ESEF software options perform user-specified and pre-programmed functions.  Code protected, user-created methods are effortlessly added.

These single and double beam spectrophotometers have a wide range of ESEF options, including high performance wavelength scanning, multiple wavelength analyses, multi-component analyses, kinetic analyses, calibration curves, multi cell changers and spectral derivatives.

Accessories include automatic eight cell changers, temperature controlled cells, sipper systems, fibre optic sampling and nano sampling.

As a bonus, each purchased DietQuest spectrophotometer may include free DataStream PC control software, free Validation software, free single cell Kinetics software and free automatic cell changer software.

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Ade Kujore
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