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Smart Kitchen App

The EatBy Smart Kitchen App, a utility app that aims to save its users money and reduce food waste, has recently been launched on the Apple App store.

Suitable for Apple and Android devices, the free app displays food stored in the kitchen, reminds users to eat food before it expires and includes an intelligent shopping list. The EatBy App includes an intuitive shopping list that allows users to input the expiration date. The app then notifies the user with a reminder that something needs to be eaten. When the app is opened it clearly displays what’s in the kitchen, fridge or freezer and the date it needs to be eaten by. Users of the app can see what food they have in their kitchen at a glance and make informed decisions that help reduce the amount of waste. It also allows users to quickly add recently eaten food items back onto their shopping list.
It remains to be seen if technology, such  as the EatBy App, will help save money and reduce the amount of food we waste, but this technology is thought to be how many of us will manage our homes in the future. The concepts of the smart fridge, and even the smart bin, have existed for a number of years. These ideas are now becoming a reality as the ‘internet of things’ (the network of physical objects embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity, which enables these objects to collect and exchange data) evolves, and while many of the big supermarket chains, online retailers and established technology manufacturers have been introducing their own concepts, the EatBy App is an interesting development towards ‘Smart Kitchen’ technology. The developers are already working on further innovations to improve how we buy and store food and manage our kitchens.


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