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Industry consultation

A new Campden BRI consultation has identified the challenges to be tackled by the food industry using science and technology[10]. The consultation involved over 600 face-to-face contributions covering the entire food supply chain and including a survey of Campden BRI’s 2,400 members in 75 countries.

Some of the new challenges identified during the consultation were:

• Sustaining product quality in the face of rising costs of operations and materials

• Soil health – stronger recognition of soil as a resource and methods for its protection

• Human microbiota – understanding and harnessing the role of gut microbes in diet-related health conditions

• Anti-microbial resistance – addressing its significance for the food and drink sector

• Cyber-security – managing the benefits and risks of the ‘connected world’ (e.g. Internet of Things, ’Big Data’ and AI [artificial intelligence])

Some of the needs raised are more long standing but continue to feature in the consultation. These include assuring product safety, encouraging consumer wellbeing through healthy diets, protecting consumers from food fraud, tackling industry’s skills shortage and encouraging sustainable practices and reduced use of resources.

While Brexit does not represent a scientific need, it did feature in many of the discussions with UK and EU food and drink companies – in particular, regulatory change and uncertainty, potential changes to labour and impact on costs of raw ingredients, raw materials, packaging and distribution – where the consequences of Brexit will require scientific and technical solutions.



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