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‘Guardians of Grub’

‘Guardians of Grub’ campaign

A new industry campaign, known as ‘Guardians of Grub’, was launched by WRAP in May 2019 to tackle nearly £3bn worth of food that is wasted every year across the entire hospitality and food service sector, of which 75% could have been eaten[5].

The campaign is aimed at empowering professionals from across the hospitality and food service sector to reduce the amount of food thrown away in their establishments. It is about making simple, low-cost changes to the way food is bought, prepared and served that have waste reduction in mind.

A suite of free materials has been produced for the campaign, using the latest behavioural change strategies to inform best practice that can easily be incorporated into any business. These include information posters and how-to guides, and a free calculator to record the changes being made.

A video addresses the many environmental impacts of food, including the enormous amount of resources, water, land, energy and time required to produce food, as well as methane gas produced through decomposing food waste disposed of in landfill. This gas is thirty-times more harmful to the environment than carbon dioxide, with the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimating that global food waste represents more greenhouse gas emissions than any country in the world, except for China and the United States.

Many of the UK’s largest hospitality and food service representatives have pledged their support to the initiative, including the BBPA (British Beer and Pub Association), the FWD (Federation of Wholesale Distributors), the SRA (Sustainable Restaurant Association) and UKHospitality.

The sector is responsible for 10% (one million tonnes) of the total 10.2m tonnes of food wasted in the UK each year, with the cost of avoidable food waste varying between 38p and £1 for every meal it serves. On average 21% of food waste arises from spoilage, with 45% occurring infood preparation and 34% from consumer plates.  



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