Cecil IonQuest Ion Chromatography for Food Science Applications

Reliable, modular, versatile, effortless and sensitive IonQuest Ion Chromatography, with automation options, has numerous food science laboratory applications. 

Just a few instances include:-

  • Detection of arsenic forms, in seafood, baby foods and in rice.
  • Monitoring of organic acids, such as tartaric and malic acid in wine.
  • Documentation of sodium and potassium levels in food and beverages.
  • Determination of added acidulants such as acetic acid and lactic acid, in food recipe formulations.
  • Checks on potassium bromate, in bakery products.
  • Measurements of many ions, such as chloride, bromide, bromate, fluoride, iodide, acetate, formate, phosphates, sulphates, nitrates, ammonia, sodium, lithium, magnesium, potassium and calcium, in potable waters and within raw ingredients.
  • Certification of residual hypochlorite, azides and other cleaning/bleaching products in production vessels.
  • Checks of phosphoric acid content in cola beverages.
  • Monitoring of nitrates during the production of beers.
  • Calcium carbonate checking of enriched foods.
  • Oxalic acid and oxalates certification, in baby foods and high dependency nutritional supplements.
  • Monitoring of sulphites in wine, cider, beer, soft drinks, frozen seafood, sausages, dried fruits, fruit yoghurts, bottled lime juices and jams.

One single IonQuest system will accommodate current and future requirements.  There are no limits on the choice of eluents and columns.

Customisation of IonQuest systems will allow for pre and/or post column derivatisation, high throughput analyses and the use of other detectors such as UV/Visible and electrochemical.

Operation is easy with 21 CFR part 11 compliance PowerStream software.  So too is installation and maintenance.

The extremely low drift and ultra low noise conductivity detector, may be purchased separately, for use with third party chromatography systems.

For more details, please contact:-

Cecil Instruments Limited

Milton Technical Centre, Cambridge CB24  6AZ

United Kingdom     


Email: -

Telephone: - +44 (0) 1223 420 821   

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