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A career in chocolate can take you anywhere


Emilee Richardson and Teresa Ennis of Mondelez International describe the wide range of career opportunities and training available within the company.

In response to the UK Government’s policy to increase the quality and quantity of apprenticeships in the UK, Mondelez International is actively increasing opportunities and development of apprenticeship schemes across our UK business through investment in developing our people. In the UK, we currently have over 80 apprentices completing their training and have plans to recruit at least a further 20 in 2020.

An apprenticeship with Mondelez gives you a taste of life outside of the classroom and fantastic exposure to the FMCG industry, whilst also developing your technical skills that will be essential as your career progresses. At our Research, Development & Quality (RDQ) Chocolate Centre of Excellence in Bournville, there are many colleagues with varying career paths who started on a Mondelez Early Career path and now have progressed into senior roles. Apprenticeships are fast becoming more popular and competitive, and with a high demand for talent within the food industry there are several routes in.

Mondelez’s confectionary products do not just appear on supermarket shelves, there are many people working hard to create the products and packs for our consumers. Teams of engineers, scientists and product developers at our Bournville and Reading sites ensure our products move from concept, to prototype, to factory line and finally, onto shelf. Outside of apprenticeships there are other schemes that Mondelez offers to those completing degrees, including internships and graduate roles and as direct entry candidates. Here are a few of our heroes who are enjoying successful careers at Mondelez.

Apprenticeships, a new route to the top:

Current apprentices in the RDQ Pilot Plant

Hayleigh Curtis

Hayleigh Curtis, joined the business in 2006 and became the first R&D apprentice in over 20 years. Now a Senior Scientist, Hayleigh started in a part-time role at Cadbury World whilst studying at college. Upon completion of her apprenticeship, she furthered her academic learning through completing a company sponsored degree in Natural Sciences (BSc) through the Open University, whilst also working full time.

Her own drive and love for science and maths early in her career, have seen Hayleigh progress through the business rapidly. Through her strong technical know-how, her roles have seen her travelling the world, learning from peers and subject matter experts. Now in a role that Hayleigh saw as her dream job, a Senior Scientist in chocolate masses, she supports other apprentices and has a passion for supporting local people whilst promoting a company that she is very proud to work for.

Ryan Hadley

Ryan Hadley, who started as an apprentice and is now a Technician within RDQ Productivity, always wanted a job within the food industry. Through the support of peers and mentors, Ryan has now academically and technically progressed from the Professional Bakery course that Mondelez sponsored, to the completion of a level 3 apprenticeship within the RDQ pilot plant team. He is currently on a Level 6 apprenticeship programme, that will see him gain a BSc degree in Food Science and Technology. Ryan is a great example of how a passion and interest can grow and develop. ‘Working for Mondelez has opened my perspective to the food and drink industry, I am proud and passionate to work on such iconic brands like Cadbury. Every day I am exposed to inspirational people, that have shaped the individual I am today’.

Taking his career to the next level in 2017, Ryan had the opportunity to represent Mondelez at the annual Parliamentary reception held at the Palace of Westminster. He has also represented the business when he was recognised by the Food and Drink Federation as an Apprentice of the Year finalist in 2018. Since then Ryan has appeared in multiple chocolate demonstrations for mainstream media and broadcast.

Olivia Bowry

Olivia Bowry decided upon an apprenticeship with Mondelez following her GCSE’s, having previously studied Home Economics at school. Whilst working toward her level three apprenticeship, she realised a real passion and excitement for developing and launching new products. Following the completion of her apprenticeship, Olivia is a Process Technician and is witnessing her work being brought to life with new products launching in markets around the world.

Mikey O’Connor

Mikey O’Connor started his career with Mondelez as a confectionary apprentice within Manufacturing: ‘My father who works within this business motivated me to apply.

Having started within the business as a Confectionary Apprentice, I then moved into Chocolate Manufacturing upon completion of my 2-year apprenticeship. I then spent a further five years within Chocolate Making as an operator on two different production lines before becoming a Distribution Co-Ordinator who was responsible for third-party customer order fulfilments, on-site fulfilments as well as day to day planning of the production and labour.

I then moved onto one of the new manufacturing lines, which were installed as a result of Mondelez’ $75m investment in Bournville. I became the In-Line Lead for my shift, meaning that I was personally responsible for shift performance as well as planning the logistics for product changeovers. I have become a multi skilled operator, working closely with the trades personnel, resolving all line issues.

In my current role as a Technologist within the RDQ Pilot Plant, I have a broad and varied focus within the Chocolate Making team. I believe my journey thus far has set me up for success in my role and allowed me to be a cross-functional member of the team, able to use the experiences gained to help and develop the wider team.’

Andy Cotterill

Sometimes it is not clear early on in your career what it is that drives you as an individual, or where your passion and interests may truly lie. Taking the long view your career is a marathon and not a sprint, and with every opportunity there is a chance to learn something new, and ultimately become a subject matter expert.

Starting as a confectionary apprentice with Cadbury in 1976, Andy Cotterill was one of the ‘original’ Cadbury apprentices, and is a fantastic example of how you can develop a lifelong career within Mondelēz. He was recently recognised by Rob Hargrove (Mondelēz RDQ Executive Vice President) for his lifelong achievements: ‘He spent some of his early career in chocolate feedstock development and this evaluation of our key ingredients sparked his interest in fats and oils. Andy characterised the physical properties of cocoa butter and some of the testing methodologies that he developed early on in his career are still in use today. Then in 1997, Andy brought his technical insights to manufacturing through numerous roles within the Bournville factory. During his time in supply chain, Andy has held both managerial and technical positions. After ten years in manufacturing, he ‘came back home’ to RDQ, bringing his core technical skills and practical experience to bear on chocolate development and as a Fats & Oils subject matter expert.’

Andy Cotterill, Senior Associate Principal Scientist: ‘I consider myself very fortunate to have spent my whole working life at Cadbury, Kraft, and now Mondelez International. Starting as an R&D apprentice, then being formally educated to graduate level in Chemistry, has allowed me to develop my passion for studying and ‘playing’ with chocolate. Over the years I have worked with many talented colleagues who taught and mentored me with patience plus understanding. Now, towards the end of my career, I am enjoying repaying this debt by taking a more active role in the technical mentoring of colleagues.’

Over the years I have worked with many talented colleagues who taught and mentored me with patience plus understanding. Now, towards the end of my career, I am enjoying repaying this debt by taking a more active role in the technical mentoring of colleagues.

Graduate opportunities:

Sarah Boyd

Sarah Boyd is a chemical engineer who started her Mondelez career 10 years ago on the engineering graduate scheme. Over this time, Sarah has worked in RDQ and Manufacturing including project engineering, shift management, R&D product, pack and process. These roles have taken her across many of our UK sites.

Most recently Sarah was the Mondelez RDQ lead for Cocoa Life, a scheme that Mondelez has developed in partnership with cocoa crop farmers to transform the cocoa supply chain.

Currently Sarah is the Business Development Section Lead for our UK seasonal portfolio, which includes products such as Roses, Heroes and Crème eggs at the heart and home of Cadbury manufacturing, Bournville. Furthermore, through her depth of experience, Sarah has most recently become a Chartered Chemical Engineer.

Teresa Ennis

Teresa Ennis, a Food Science graduate from the University of Reading, landed her first role in 2013 at Mondelez as an intern, since then the internship programme has doubled in size. Teresa Ennis, Senior Engineer commented: ‘I first started at Mondelez as an intern in the Cocoa and Chocolate Solutions Team – I remember thinking, wow! That’s the coolest sounding team ever! I worked on small scale chocolate making, which gave me great understanding of the science behind chocolate. After graduating, I returned to a permanent role and worked in the cocoa team developing chocolate masses. I am now in a process role within the productivity team which is different again. The learning and opportunities I have had at Mondelez have developed me in so many ways, not only from a technical perspective but also my confidence.’

Teresa harnesses her own career experiences and passion for growth to mentor new interns in the business. Currently a Senior Process Engineer in RDQ and a Registered Scientist with the IFST, Teresa has honed her skills and career from productivity roles to product development.

Future plans

At Mondelez, the apprenticeship scheme continues to grow and develop, spanning several functional areas, including, RDQ, Manufacturing, Supply Chain and with the added skills gap within the food and drink industry, the scheme shows no signs of slowing in the coming years. In an industry where the world really can be your ‘oyster’, Mondelez offers many ways to create a career you can get your teeth into. Whether it is your first role or the next step, as a scientist or an engineer, there is a huge range of opportunity within the food and drink industry to help develop and grow a love and passion for food, into a career.

Emilee Richardson and Teresa Ennis

Mondelez International, PO Box 12, Bournville Lane, Bournville, Birmingham, B30 2LU. Visit the Mondelez website to see open and upcoming positions

Email earlycareersenquiries@



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