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Food challenges for the future

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Roger Atkin looks at the consequences of food-related issues featured in volume 27, issue 1

It is no surprise that food-related issues continue to hit the headlines with great regularity – we all have to eat. Amongst many pressing issues, there remains the dual challenge of ending hunger and malnutrition globally (see Opinion - José Graziano da Silva), whilst also tackling (largely in more developed nations) overweight and obesity (p.21). Either way, future food production must be managed sustainably in ways that that do not endanger resources needed by future generations. It is also apparent that safeguarding future access to safe, nutritious and affordable food requires inputs from across the whole complex supply chain. But, as FAO DG José Graziano da Silva has said (see Opinion - José Graziano da Silva): “There can be no sustainable development in the world while millions of people go hungry”...

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