hydroponic strawberry

The Farms of the Future

Caroline Wood reports from the Future Farm Technology expo (FFT), held at Birmingham NEC 6

tomatoes on a vine

Using Tomatoes to study Environmentally-Friendly Farming Techniques

Mattia Doglio, student at the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policies of the University of Milan, introduces Project TomRes.

Keeping a cool head

Marcus Stacey-Bradbury of Hanwell Solutions explains how monitoring solutions can help to reduce temperature fluctuations in the supply chain.


A blueprint for aquaculture in Scotland

Sam Houston of the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre describes recent trials of offshore salmon farming and explains why this approach has potential to increase both sustaina

Supercharging your supper

Eva Lewis of Devenish discusses advances in animal nutrition that offer the potential to improve both animal and human health by ‘supercharging’ animal source foods with essential

A big appetite for data

Sandrine Pigat of Creme Global explains how to navigate big data by applying traditional predictive models to help make informed decisions about food product development, consumer health and food

Making market research reliable

Lauren Henry of Sensory Dimensions discusses the merits of psychological testing to explore the emotional impact of food brands and products.

Augmented reality cuisine

Mike Cadoux of QReal describes a future in which 3D augmented reality (AR) cuisine starts a revolution in visualising, ordering and storytelling around food.

Shining a light on food

Claire Pizzey of Diamond Light Source describes the potential benefits of using the UK national synchrotron facility to undertake characterisation of foods and food ingredients to

Rheological characterisation of foods

Daniel Ingo Hefft  and Dr Federico Alberini of the University of Birmingham describe a new technology for the in-line measurement of complex rheological propertie


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