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At the heart of the food and drink industry

I am originally from Finland, where I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Food Technology and a Master’s in Cereals Science. Prior to that I was contemplating becoming a teacher but was drawn to food science because of my interest in science, the dynamic nature of the industry, the potential to develop and how it impacted on people’s lives.

In Finland we have a culture of working during long summer holidays and it is common to work part-time alongside your studies, so I had previously spent time working in a brewery, a couple of different bakeries and a consumer research company.

My Master’s involved a six-month exchange trip to Sweden, where I studied plant and animal science. I also went on a three-month placement at Campden BRI in 2014 after which I was delighted to be offered a position there as a bakery technologist. This role was practical, involving making various baked goods and analysing product quality. After a year I was promoted to the post of senior bakery scientist, which involved managing long term research projects, and last year I became an ingredient research team leader. In this role I cover new ingredients research, such as plant proteins and egg alternatives. I have presented research to the food industry and spoken at seminars. I have also been able to travel, in the UK and overseas, and have been fortunate to start my PhD with the company’s support.

The work we undertake for clients is also immensely rewarding. Sometimes they come to us with problems or ideas and we solve them or make them happen.

If you’re in the food industry, Campden BRI is a great place to work. The people are friendly and its broad expertise in all areas of food means that there are many opportunities to learn and develop. There is also the potential to diversify into other areas of food science that you may not have considered previously.

I mentioned the people who work at Campden BRI, but it’s also the people we work for who make it a fascinating place. Campden BRI is a membership-based organisation, which means that food companies direct its research and scientific activities. ‘By industry, for industry’ is its motto and for a good reason. It has over 2,600 companies from across the world as members, so you can sit in meetings with senior representatives from the world’s largest food and drink manufacturers, the top supermarkets and world-leading household brands - all at the same time! It does feel like a privilege working for an organisation that is at the heart of the food and drink industry.

The work we undertake for clients is also immensely rewarding. Sometimes they come to us with problems or ideas and we solve them or make them happen, knowing that ultimately we have a direct and positive impact on people’s day to day lives.

For anyone considering a career in food science, Campden BRI should definitely be on your list. It is keen to develop its staff from within. Many people have been here for over 30 years and worked their way up the organisation. There are also many young people here, so there’s a genuine caring and dynamic vibe. When you network with so many key food industry executives, opportunities can arise there too!

Tiia Mörsky

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