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IFST Chief Executive's Blog

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IFST's Chief Executive, Jon, Poole, describes the current employment environment for food science and technology

There are currently around 3500 degree course places offered by UK universities and colleges for those wishing to study food science and technology or related subjects. Yes, just 3500 places.  Yet we know from all the UKCES employment data as well as anecdotally and through the media that the UK food industry is crying out for good quality, skilled people to fill current roles and to meet future demand. It is estimated that during the period between 2010 and 2017 the sector needs to find an additional 137,000 skilled roles to meet its skills demand.

Given the current economic crisis and the reported high levels of unemployment this should be seen as good news for potential new recruits.  From the food sector's perspective it should of course also mean that it is easier to attract the talent it needs. It appears not.

What lies behind this problem is, to a large extent, down to t...

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