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Young Professional Profile - Andrew Dockerill

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Name: Andrew Dockerill

Age: 23

Job role: Working on a 2-year Graduate Scheme with Bakkavor

Can you tell us more about your current role?

I'm currently working at Bakkavor Freshcook (Holbeach, Lincolnshire) as a Process Technologist. This involves managing the food quality and safety of trials and launch phases of new products and making improvements to existing products/processes on site.

From September, I will be moving to Bakkavor Meals London (Park Royal area).

Why did you choose the food industry for a career?

I’ve always had a passion for food, both from a love of cooking/eating and from having inspiring teachers in Food Technology. Getting work experience as a chef and as a food teacher also spurred my interest but I decided I found the more structured, fast moving industry side more appealing, although later in my career I may look back to teaching to inspire the next generation through as my teachers did to me.

Can you tell us about the best moments of your career?

Launching a successful product/range and seeing someone pick it from the shelf.

How about the worst moments?

When you think you have all bases covered for a launch and then something still goes wrong!

As a graduate, what advice would you give to food science students?

I'd strongly recommend starting on one of the many food industry graduate schemes available, for that extra level of training and social interaction with other new young professionals in the business, which can often be a great help in sorting accommodation for site relocations.

Do you have any advice for new IFST members? 

Make the most of it! Attend as many events as you can, talk to other members, they can be a great source of advice for technical and career questions, they’ve often been through it before!

IFST Membership is a great way to source Technical information and network with other members at the many great events like the IFST Spring Conference. It is also a great way to give back and inspire the next generation via events like the BigBang fairs that I have volunteered at.

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