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Hope for a chemist in the science room - what does this to do with CPD and reflective learning?

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My morning was supposed to be peaceful but instead I’m running full speed pass the Ritz hotel in London. I’m late.

I rush into the Royal Society of Chemistry building close to Piccadilly Circus and find the science room, second on the left. Today I’m tuned in to learn more about CPD recording and monitoring, together with other Science Council licensed bodies.

It is not too bad since they haven’t started yet. I find myself sitting next to the Geological Society, the British Psychological Society and the Institute of Science and Technology. It’s pretty cool that my table alone covers membership internationally for over 60000 people and monitors professional development for nearly 1500 people that are chartered in their fields of science.  My eyes wonder around the six massive columns in the room when I hear someone say that CPD is part of a broader concept of maintaining professionalism. Good point. I’m listening now....

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