June 2017

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Norwich law firm launches food label assurance scheme

Consumers must be able to trust the information that they are provided with about the food that they buy so that they can make informed choices. They will rely on information provided on food labels but also on claims and statements made on websites and through social media. Many food businesses work extremely hard to ensure that the information that they provide to consumers is accurate and complies with the law.

Protein & Amino Acid Claims: What's legal in the world of Food Law?

Protein is now the panacea for all health related foods.

New FS and T website!

We encourage you to visit the new home for our Food Science and Technology quarterly magazine. This now sits as part of Wiley's Online Library. There, you can access all our past issues from 2017 up to our current issue. Access the new website here: http://www.wileyonlinelibrary.com/journal/fstjournal 

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