August 2016

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Resilience and fair trade

Bob Doherty, Research lead for Food Resilience and Sustainability at the York Environmental Sustainability Institute, University of York, investigates the resilience of agricultural supply chains

Managing food supply chains

Michiko Shima of BSI describes strategies and tools for improving the management of food supply chains to enhance their resilience and sustainability. 

Sustainable sourcing

Chris Brown of ASDA describes the changing conditions affecting the sourcing of raw materials and their impact on supply chain resilience.

Uncharted water

Resolute action is required to address the impacts of climate change on our ability to feed the global population.

Reducing energy demand and emissions

Professor Savvas Tassou of Brunel University discusses opportunities for reducing energy demand and emissions in the UK food chain.


Cleaning up biocides legislation

As the European Commission reviews its biocide legislation and sets Maximum Residue Levels for dual use biocides, Kaarin Goodburn MBE of the Chilled Food Association explains why biocides are vita

Food system resilience

Tim Benton and Catherine Thompson of Leeds University explore the problems of food supply in a changing world and identify the need for multi-metric analysis to estimate r

Advances in packaging fresh produce

Eva Almenar and Christopher T.

Introducing konfer

Dr Joe Marshall of the National Centre for Universities and Business explains the ambitions of konfer, a new tool for enhancing university-industry collaboration.

Training in food is often channelled into disciplinary based specialisms. Yet, all the big problems facing the food system are complex, interconnected and cross-disciplinary. With the aim of countering this situation, the IFSTAL programme (Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning) is a pioneering experiment aiming to train graduate students in ‘food systems thinking and acting’.

IFSTAL programme is a pioneering experiment aiming to train graduate students in ‘food systems thinking and acting.

2 Sisters Food Group, a privately owned Birmingham-based food manufacturing company, is the largest food company in the UK by turnover, employing approximately 23,000 people across 42 different sites.

Bakery Products Science and Technology 2nd Edition

This second edition of Bakery Products Science and Technology was published in August 2014 and is an editorially compiled volume comprising seven parts. It is well presented and suited to a wide audience of bakery technologists/ scientists working in the food industry or studying courses at colleges or universities. The volume gives a broad coverage whilst containing a pertinent level of practical raw material and processing detail. It is a book that will be useful to have on hand as a reference guide.

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