June 2016

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Passports for meat provenance

Gloucestershire beef farmers, Matthew Rymer and Clifford Freeman, describe the launch of the Happerley Passports food traceability scheme to combat meat fraud and increase transparency in the supp

The IFST Student Group

Since the establishment of the IFST Student Group in November 2014, we have recruited 10 new members to our organising Committee and are now making plans for 2016 onwards.

Preserving nutrients in baked goods

Steve Osborn and Naomi Diaz-Osborn of The Aurora Ceres Partnership and Richard Horton of Carritech Research describe a new, low temperature baking technology able to preserve temperature sensitive

Smoking out carcinogens

Dave Baines, Huw Griffiths and Jane Parker introduce a ground-breaking, new smoke filtration technology which can significantly reduce the presence of carcinogens in aerosol smoke used to produce

Food Law Group: Novel Foods

The newly published Novel Foods Regulation (EU) 2015/2283, 25th November 2015 (NFR), repealing Regulation 258/97, was first drafted in 2008, but failed time and again to reach consensus. However, this regulation does finally provide significant clarity on categories of foods that previously created uncertainty, hopefully levelling the playing field amongst manufacturers and suppliers.

Leadership opportunities: Wojciech ‘Woj’ Kalinowski

Young Scientist Competitions

The Scotland and Midlands Branches hosted the Young Scientist competition for the first time this year alongside the North of England Branch, where the competition is well established. Thirty-three students competed in total attracting lively audiences at each final.

North of England

Trust me, I’m a food scientist

Sterling Crew, Vice President of IFST and Head of Technical at Kolak Snack Foods, explores the factors driving consumer misgivings about food science and considers strategies to address this probl

Recent highlights on food authenticity

Characterising varieties of edible fungi

The flavour and taste of edible fungi are highly associated with the presence of several umami substances. In this study, different edible fungi were distinguished by an electronic tongue method. Two data analysis methods (PCA - principal component analysis and DFA - discriminant factor analysis) were found to successfully distinguish between varieties of edible fungi.

Putting sustainable diets into practice

Gerard Kramer and Hans Blonk of Blonk Consultants in The Netherlands describe how food and beverage companies can implement the concept of sustainable diets into product development to future-proo

John Coppock winners announced

Dr. Alexandros Stratakos, research fellow at the Institute for Global Food Security at Queens University Belfast, and Miss Esereosa Omoarukhe, Doctoral research student studying food and nutritional sciences at the University of Reading, have been announced as the winners of the John Coppock Award for 2016. The Award provides a travel bursary for two research students to attend IUFoS’s biennial international food science congress taking place in Dublin from 21-25 August 2016.

Andrew Gardener joins the team

Andrew Gardner has joined the team as Operations Director, taking on responsibility for the day-to-day management of the office and supporting the Institute’s Education and Careers and Professional Development committees. He has worked as a senior manager for professional, membership and regulatory bodies and recently worked with a health-based web startup.

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