December 2015

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Smell and taste in old age

The research team discovered that the impairment of the ability to smell and taste does not merely reflect an effect of age.

Satellites for Agri-Food

Space technology is already used to monitor crops and livestock with pinpoint accuracy, to optimise food transport and stocks and to improve communications.

Data visualisation to improve farm productivity

Agri-Tech East’s recent Big Data Special Interest Group meeting ‘Taking Data Presentation Seriously’ heard Simon Ward, founder of Increment Ltd, argue that farmers need a better way to assess the economic optimum for fertiliser and other inputs.

FSA seeks views on its approach to innovation

The FSA is developing a plan which will set out how the legislation and enforcement frameworks it is responsible for could adapt to emerging technologies and disruptive business models and how it can make better use of technology.

It is seeking views and experiences of its approach to innovation, in particular:

 1. whether the legislative and enforcement frameworks it is responsible for support new technologies and innovative businesses,

 2. its understanding of how the food and feed sector will be shaped by new technology,

Drinks for sports nutrition

Professor John Brewer of St Mary’s University, Twickenham, investigates the use of scientifically formulated sports drinks to help replace fluid and energy stores.

Justine Fosh, Chief Executive of the National Skills Academy for Food & Drink (NSAFD), outlines the Academy’s work to encourage young people to take up careers in the food and drink industry.

Spotlight: Wageningen UR

Jelle Maas and Professor Remko Boom describe the multidisciplinary research approach at Wageningen University & Research centre, where over 200 researchers work in the field of Food & Nutrition combining the strengths of academia with those of specialised research institutes.

Electronic tools for healthy choices

Technology has a large role to play in helping consumers make healthier choices and delivering significant cost savings to healthcare. Charlotte Holmes of Campden BRI looks at the technologies being developed in this field and describes the EU PRECIOUS project.

Hot on the trail of chillies

Nick Barnes of The Chilli Doctor investigates the sourcing of chillies worldwide together with their traceability and provenance.

Our daily bread

Peter Shewry of Rothamsted Research and University of Reading and Alison Lovegrove and Till Pellny of Rothamsted Research investigate approaches to improving the contribution of bread and other wheat products to diet and health.


Reducing acrylamide in food

Steve Campbell describes recent advances using baker’s yeast to reduce levels of acrylamide in baked products.


Smart Kitchen App

The EatBy Smart Kitchen App, a utility app that aims to save its users money and reduce food waste, has recently been launched on the Apple App store.

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