June 2015

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Retailers not achieving Campylobacter targets

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has published the latest set of results from its year-long survey of Campylobacter on fresh chickens [1].

Eating the rainbow

Cheryl Walker, Analytical Development Technologist at Britvic Soft Drinks, discusses new product development with natural colours. She reviews their regulation, processing and performance as well as functional and nutritional benefits.

Replacing sugars

Lindsey Bagley of Eureka discusses the benefits and pitfalls of replacing sugars in a range of food categories.

Acrylamide in food and drink

As the European regulatory framework on acrylamide in food and drink continues to evolve, Sterling Crew, Head of Technical at Kolak Snack Foods and Vice President of the IFST, reviews its origins, toxicology, management and control.

Boarfish: a versatile, oily species

Sinead Cunningham and Ronan Gormley report outcomes from tests on the physicochemical, nutritional and sensory properties of boarfish. Emphasis was on the use of boarfish as human food.

Allergen risk assessment crucial to audit succes

Julia Pepler of Food Integrity Consulting explains the importance of thorough allergen risk assessment to ensure that risks are being effectively addressed and to meet audit requirements.

How far have natural preservatives come?

Salt affects more than just blood pressure

Researchers at the University of Delaware College of Health Sciences and Christiana Care Health System have reviewed evidence on links between dietary sodium intake and health and concluded that even in the absence of an increase in blood pressure, excess dietary sodium can adversely affect target organs, including the blood vessels, heart, kidneys and brain.

Are mycotoxins killing us slowly?

Michael Walker reviews the regulated mycotoxins and their effects on health together with the methods for their sampling and analysis.

Coexistence of GM and non-GM products possible

Freedom of choice between genetically modified (GM) and non-GM products is a central goal of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy.

New Head for Food Crime Unit

The FSA has appointed Andy Morling as Head of the Food Crime Unit.

Farming: the natural health service

Caroline Drummond MBE, Chief Executive of LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming), a farming and environment charity promoting sustainable agriculture, discusses the need to involve the farming sector in strategies to improve diet, health and wellbeing. She outlines the role of LEAF in promoting sustainable farming systems in the UK.

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