Cover story
Gordon L. Robertson, adjunct Professor at the University of Queensland and Principal Consultant at Food•Packaging•Environment, reviews recent trends and innovations in food packaging.
Public opinion

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has conducted Public Attitudes Tracker surveys in the UK since 2001 to monitor key issues, such as concern about specific food safety issues and awareness of hygiene standards in eating establishments.

Authenticate – Re-defining supply chain transparency with Pyramid

Authenticate's collaborative approach, dedicated to improving transparency in the food supply chain through Pyramid.


IFST’s new FoodStart placements website is now live for both employers and students.


Designer crops

Antony Evans, CEO of TAXA, describes the latest developments in plant genetic engineering that radically simplify the potential to create and test new genetic constructs with useful properties, such as plants with enhanced flavour or increased levels of vitamins.

Food sustainability - waste not want not

As the impact of food and drink waste becomes an ever bigger ethical, environmental and economic issue, Sterling Crew and Thomas Crew of Kolak Snack Foods look at the challenges and opportunities behind the waste of food and drink. They review its impact, drivers, management and reduction.

Fresher for Longer – an initiative to reduce household food waste

Viktoria Salisbury of the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) explains how a new initiative is helping consumers to make better use of food packaging to reduce household food waste.

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