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New Information Statement on Sugars

IFST has released a new Information Statement on Sugars authored by ProfessorJulian Cooper, CSci, and peerreviewed by IFST's ScientificCommittee. IFST Information Statements summarise the authoritative and impartial science behind key food science issues.

Sugars are the basic building blocks of carbohydrates found in nature; they can be found in milk, tree saps and many fruits and vegetables. Their use in many foods is inevitable but sugars are currently under extreme scrutiny, taking centre stage within Governmental policy-making due to their potential impacts on health and obesity.

IFST’s Information Statement on Sugars examines occurrence, the functionality and properties of sugars, regulations and labelling, analysis, nutrition and reformulation of products. It is a reliable reference point for Governments and policy makers as well as a resource for technical specialists.

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