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Andrew MacPherson, Industry Sector Manager for Food and Beverage at Festo, discusses the need for increased digitalisation of food manufacturing processes and considers the strategy for managing the change to smart factories.
Hidden dangers of supplements

A team of specialists, including Emeritus Professor Duncan Burns, a forensically experienced analytical chemist from Queen’s University Belfast’s Institute for Global Food Security, Dr Michael Walker from the Government Chemist Programme at LGC and Professor Declan Naughton from Kingston University, has been examining the detection of illegal ingredients in herbal dietary supplements [4].

Robot packers

Ocado, the online grocery retailer, is testing a robotic hand that can pick and pack fruit and vegetables [2]. Ocado already uses a variety of robots in its operations, but the variation in shape and fragile nature of fruit and vegetables mean that they have been susceptible to damage or bruising when handled by existing robots.

Climate change challenges

The climate change challenges facing the UK are outlined in the government’s latest Climate Change Risk Assessment, published in January 2017 [1]. The changing climate is recognised as one of the most serious environmental challenges and the government is taking action to address this by improving flood defences and securing critical food and water supplies.


Aptamers and their future impact on food analysis

The concept of aptamers has been around since the early 1990s and has since attracted a lot of attention of research groups globally. Ioana Lock of KK Fine Foods Plc discusses their future impact on food analysis.

On Focus: Legumes

Legumes are celebrating a comeback in human nutrition, with the market rapidly growing since the 2000s. Daniel Hefft of Weetabix Ltd discusses how they can be used in the food prodcution process. 

The challenges of reformulation for sugars reduction

Professor Julian M Cooper reviews the multi-functionality of sugars and looks at the challenges that face the product developer trying to reduce or replace sugars in foods. Background

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